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The Hillbilly Doppler reports: Partly rowdy with a 100% chance of  Raisin Cain.

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23rd Issue Fall & Winter 2009

Top Story - It's an Uncle Carl Kind of World

22nd Issue Summer 2009

Top Story - Charges Dropped Against Cousin Ray



21st Issue Spring 2009

Top Story - Mayor Officially Declares Winter Over


20th Issue Winter 2008

Top Story - Uncle Carl's Campaign Crushing Crimps Creek's Christmas Spirit


19th Issue Fall 2008

Top Story - Uncle Carl Winding Up Campaign

18th Issue Summer 2008

Top Story - We Got Moonshine In The Carolina Hills!

17th Issue Spring 2008

Top Story - It's Spring!!

16th Issue Winter 2007

Top Story - Prater's Creek Parents Aren't Paranoid About Present Purchases

15th Issue Fall 2007

Top Story - Archaeologists Discover Remains of 400 Year Old Moonshine Jug

14th Issue Summer 2007

Top Story - An American Hero, and special Arts section. Drovers celebrate 20 years

13th Issue Spring 2007

Top Story -  “Hillbilly” Party Draws Ire Of University And Local Community

12th Issue Winter 2006
Top Story - Deck The Halls With Holy Headlocks and Half Nelsons and Mistletoe Midget Mat Madness

11th Issue Fall 2006
Top Story - "Why I Like Living In Prater's Creek" Winning Essay

10th Issue summer 2006 

Top Story - America the Beautiful

9th Issue Spring 2006

Top Story - Fire Ants, tributes to Don Knotts and Buck Owens

8th Issue Winter 2005 

Top Story - Town Celebrates Christmas

7th Issue Fall 2005

Top Story - It's Autumn Time In Caroline!

6th Issue Summer 2005

Top Story - PCXPC Music Conference Held

5th Issue Spring 2005

Top Story - Polecat Day and A Tribute to Hunter S. Thompson

4th Issue Winter 2004 Special Holiday Issue
Top Story - Christmas Season Officially Opens with Annual Parade

3rd Issue Summer 2004
Top Story - Drovers Deliver "Dreamland"

2nd Issue Summer 1999
Top Story - Moonshine, Madness & the Miracle on Ice

1st Issue Fall 1998
Top Story - Melissa's Waltz Hits Store

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