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 16th Issue Winter 2007

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Prater's Creek Parents Aren't

Paranoid About Present Purchases

By Irving O. Tarbox


yoyoWhile parents in other parts of the United States carefully look at what the toys are made of that they are giving their children this Christmas, the parents here in Prater’s Creek aren’t worried about that.

Toys made in China have been found to contain lead and other dangerous chemicals that can harm, or even kill, an innocent child. Why, there has even been found a chemical that, when a toddler puts the toy in his or her mouth, mimics the “date rape” drug in some plastic toys made in China.

Pag DollsSo parents are at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and other “big box” stores looking at the toys with a wary eye and maybe a computer printout in their hand of dangerous toys they have seenSoldier listed on the Internet.

No child in Prater’s Creek will wake up on Christmas morning to find presents under the tree, or open a gift, made with plastic. All children in Prater’s Creek, SC will be getting toys made of wood, and cotton products just like they have for over 200 years.

Most all toys are handmade by relatives. If there is a store bought toy, it has been purchased at Livwright’s General Store, which only stocks items made right here in Pickens County.

So while all of the other parents in other parts of the country wring their hands over possibly giving their child a toxic toy, parents here in “God’s country” know the only harm that could come to a child of theirs is a splinter. Even the button eyes on the little dollies are sewn on with thread in such a way that they could never come off and be swallowed.

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