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 4th Issue Winter 2004

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The Hillbilly Doppler reports: Partly rowdy with a 100% chance of  Raisin Cain.

Christmas Season Officially Opens

By Irving O. Tarbox                                         With Annual Parade

Santa and Reindeer gifSPECIAL TO THE GAZETTE

Garland and tinsel covered floats, a marching band, hot rod cars, a prize-winning cow, and Santa Claus himself were part of the annual Prater’s Creek Christmas parade. Eccy Nix of the parade committee said it was the longest parade ever held in Prater’s Creek. “From beginning to end”, Mr. Nix said, “the parade lasted almost nine minutes! That’s a good minute longer than last year’s (parade)!”

The Prater’s Creek High School Marching Band sounded as great as ever with the five members, rounded out quiet nicely by Clovis on the genoobraphone, playing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”. (Editor’s note: The genoobraphone is a methane-powered instrument consisting of a series of pipes and is mounted on wheels and driven like a bicycle. Clovis invented the instrument in his teen years. Listeners of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show’s old radio program will remember this fact.)

First prize in the float division went to Erlene’s House of Clogging. Second prize went to Earl Holcumbe’s Christmas wreath decorated, county fair blue ribbon winning cow, “Daisy Mae”, who Earl proudly led down Main Street with a strand of garland instead of rope.

The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show was full of the holiday spirit and also full of Grandpa’s spirits judging by the empty jugs in the bed of their medicine show wagon. Their mule, Ol’ Sparky, pulled the wagon as the band picked bluegrass holiday favorites for the townspeople.

Finally, Ol St. Nick himself came along tossing out candy canes to the children. Uncle Carl was really happy because he caught two candy canes.

Inside: Our staff picks the best Christmas television shows of all time. Also election results.

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