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Hillbilly Horoscopes

The Prater's Creek Gazette

21st Issue Spring 2009 Page #5


All Horoscopes This Issue Are Fortunes From Bazooka Joe Comics!!

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL19) A Penny Saved Makes Cents

TAURUS (APRIL20-MAY20) A Penny For Your Thoughts, But I Expect Change

GEMINI (MAY21-JUNE21) You Can Make It Happen

CANCER (JUNE22-JULY22) You're On Top Of Everybody's List

LEO (JULY23-AUGUST22) The Early Bird Gets The Worm. Some Reward!

VIRGO (AUG.23-SEPT.22) Bazooka Joe Wants You To Be In His Company

LIBRA (SEPT.23-OCT.23) Your Success Is Only Limited By Your Desires

SCORPIO (OCT.24-NOV.21) Before You Say It Or Do It, Think It!!

SAGITTARIUS (NOV.22-DEC.21) Your Homework Is Like A Juicy Steak--Barely Done

CAPRICORN (DEC.22-JAN.19) Let Nature Takes It Course And Hope It Passes

AQUARIUS (JAN.20-FEB.18) To Err is Human. So, What's Your Excuse?

PISCES (FEB.19-MARCH20) Don't Jump To Conclusions--You May Fall On Your Face

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