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The Prater's Creek Gazette

13th Issue Spring 2007 Page #4

Irving O. Tarbox Editor

Irving O. Tarbox

Folks, what is happening to America? We once made the best cars, now the only car plants in the United States turning a profit are Toyota, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etal. And other manufactured goods, such as textiles, are made cheaper, and sometimes better, overseas. And the term ďoutsourcingĒ is referenced a million times a day. But there are economic factors that have caused these shifts in the global economic balance.

What Iím talking about is the USA not being to win world championships, or the Olympics, in baseball and basketball, sports we invented. Baseball! How can we lose to Latin and Asian countries in baseball?! I mean, are the Japanese now going to make a better apple pie since they have built a better Chevrolet and can beat us on the diamond?

No matter what economic changes caused by too high wages, union rules, environmental laws, the yen, Wal-Mart, other countriesí higher math skills, worker exploitation, and the sundry other reasons for Americaís economic decline, why canít we bunt, hit and run, or hit a 10 foot jumper?! No matter what depression, recession, or concession our economy is in, that doesnít stop a kid from practicing free throws.

We donít care about the fundamentals anymore. Hummph, maybe that is whatís wrong with our manufacturing industry too.

Letters To The Editor

 Dear Editor,

Why don't Clemson University just get rid of it's men's basketball program?! They start 17-0 then just go down the commode. It's just a waste of time to even keep up with them. And for goodness sakes, don't hang your heart on that program! They'll stomp on it every season. Back in January they were being talked and discussed about on all the national sports shows. One Friday afternoon on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, the topic was: Clemson, Are they for real? Four out of the five panelists answered "Yes!".

But that was back in January. I'm sitting here watching the NCAA Tournament Selection Show and it just burns me up the way this team fell apart in what was supposed to be the one good season a decade you get when you're a Clemson Tiger fan. Why don't they just take the scholarship money and bring back Ladie's Field Hockey, a sport that was disbanded in 1983? This was in the days before universities were adding new women sports to balance out the scholarships with men's scholarships. And all of those little Connecticut, Virginia, and Maryland gals were right fetching in their little skirts!

Anyhow, back to basketball. I guess they'll keep the basketball program, so how about this? The media and fans aren't allowed to talk about the team until we win up in Chapel Hill and/or cut down the nets after the ACC tournament. I can safely say, no matter how long I live, I'll die without seeing either. And probably my grandchildren will also.

Maybe we'll win the NIT and can brag that "We're # 65, we're #65!"

Bill Malone

Prater's Creek, SC

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