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The Prater's Creek Gazette

13th Issue Spring 2007 Page #3

Two Teens Arrested After Taking

Locomotive For Joy Ride

Locomotive clipartTwo local teens are back in juvenile custody after police say they walked out of Pickens County Youth Prison in the middle of the night and took a joy ride on a train. The boys, ages 16 and 13, walked out of an unlocked gate and boarded the Norfolk-Southern #65 that was parked on the railroad tracks next to the juvenile facility. They managed to start the train and drove it all the way to Easley, blowing the horn the entire 12 miles, waking residents along the way. They were finally apprehended when they stopped at a grocery store to buy potted meat and saltine crackers.

Homer Banks, the oldest of the two boys said “We were singing “Wabash Cannonball the whole way”!

Prater's Creek School clipartPrater's Creek Schools

To Allow Game Of “TAG”

To Be Played At Recess

As many schools are banning recesses for fear of lawsuits from parents of children injured in innocent play, the Prater’s Creek School Board unanimously voted to keep recess. School Superintendent released this statement: "Look y’all, kids need to get out and run wild, blow off steam after sitting in class all morning learning the three R’s. Nothing like some fresh air and physical activity to recharge their young minds before going back inside to resume their studies."

  Super Bowl Party Turns Into Near Riot

Grandpa, of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, a Chicago Bear fan, was arrested Super Bowl Sunday after Pickens County Sheriff deputies answered a neighbor’s noise complaint. The neighbor, who according to sources unknown is a Green Bay Packers fan, said she could hear the yelling and cursing all the way over at her house, two miles away.

One of the police officers had been off duty watching the game at his home when he got the call. He jumped up from the television and sped over to the Drovers’ farm where he says that Grandpa verbally abused him over and over. When asked about this, Grandpa said “Well, he showed up wearing a  @#$%* Peyton Manning jersey!” After Billy the Bail Bondsman posted the $200 bail, Grandpa was let go. His trial is set for June17.

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