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The Prater's Creek Gazette

5th Issue Spring 2005 Page #2

Birthday Party Celebratedballoons gif

Little Susie Jones celebrated her tenth birthday party yesterday. In attendance was Billy, Karen, Tommy, Jeremiah, Christy, Lucy, Meg, Porky, Stinky, and Sarah. The guests played pin- the -tail –on the -donkey and hide and seek. A clown birthday cake was served along with homemade ice cream.

Town Gets First Movie Theater

movie theater gifPrater’s Creek’s first movie theater, the Bijou, is set to open this weekend, and the first week of shows is already sold out, two showings a night. Though the whole town was excited to get the theater, there was a big argument as to what movie would be shown the first week. The younger crowd, those under 40, wanted to finally see "Star Wars". Some others suggested a Marlin Brando film festival, others wanted "Cool Hand Luke" and Homer, of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, suggested a "good ol’ horse opera with Tom Mix!" and Grandpa, of the hillbilly band, would not shut up about having a Winona Ryder film festival. Finally his grandson Clovis solved the debate by saying he wanted a John Wayne movie to be shown. Everybody agreed that would be the best choice. So this week Stagecoach will be up on the silver screen for those lucky enough to have tickets.

Grandpa is still marching up and down the street across from the Bijou, carrying a sign that reads "Why not Winona!"

High School Janitor To RetireMr. Harold McClintock photo

Mr. Harold McClintock, known to generations of Prater’s Creek High teens as “Freezer”, is getting ready to officially put his broom in the closet for the last time. McClintock, who has just turned 65, is retiring this week after working 51 years at Prater’s Creek High School. Mr. McClintock started working at the school when he was still a student there. “My mama and aunt both worked there and they got me an after school job sweeping floors” McClintock recalled.

Mr. McClintock is known affectionately as “Freezer” by all of the students. “It’s his laugh.” one student says, “When he laughs, it sounds like when you open the door to a deep freezer!”

Freezer is also his stage name. You see, Mr. McClintock is known for more than sweeping floors. He is also a local blues legend known for “dusting his broom”, playing some of the most down-home blues you will ever hear.

Freezer also is known for his 2 PM performances on his last work break at the school. “Oh we’ll hear him sitting outside in the afternoon sunshine, playing his guitar and singing” English teacher Linda Sargent said. Geraldine Trabookis, another English teacher at the school, had this to say about Mr. McClintock’s music. “When I hear him out there I’ll just tell the class to be quiet and listen. His songs will be our folk literature lesson that day”. Mrs. Trabookis also added, “His songs remind me of the short stories of the great French author, Guy de Maupassant”. Smith's Grist Mill Ad

On This Day In History

On this day in history in 1975, wrestling great Haystacks Calhoun paid the town of Prater's Creek a visit and cut the ribbon on the new porch of Livwright’s General Store.

Concert To Be Held

Randall Alewine and The Afflicted will be performing in the parking lot of B&B BBQ this Friday afternoon. The free show will start at 5 PM. Alewine and his band are promoting the release of their new CD "Be A Zero, Not a Hero".

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