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The Prater's Creek Gazette

10th Issue Summer 2006 Page #6

 As Compiled by Sports Editor Bubba McCalister and his brother Dorris

Fisherman Logo

Nearly, everybody likes to go camping, but not everybody can agree on what makes a good camping trip. For some people, camping is going into the deep woods with only enough supplies that you can carry in back pack. To the other extreme are the people who “car-camp” with a cell phone to talk all day on and order a pizza for dinner.

Family Camping LogoNow me and brother Dorris like it more on the rough side, but we do like our beer on ice. We like going someplace where you are far enough deep in the woods to be away from the rest of the world, but close enough so that you can hike a few coolers of beer and food to the campsite. We’ll make two or three trips to set up camp and then not come out of the woods for days. One time we went camping with The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, and Grandpa insisted on bringing his entire still with him!

We don’t wanna sit around and play video games or watch DVDs either. And any radios or CD players are not allowed. If we want music, we’ll make our own. Dorris plays a mean jaw-harp.

If we catch some trout, we’ll cook ‘em up over the fire, but if we don’t, we got some ribeyes with us to cook on that fire.

Just make sure if you are camping overnight in a state or federal run forest, you fill out the form that is located in the parking lot on the information board. On it, you will be asked to list the members of your hiking /camping party and your length of stay. This form helped let the Park Rangers know, back in May, that a family was lost in the woods. It saved the lives of this family.

Summer Football Practice Starts Aug 21st

Coach Dave “Killer” Keller is ready to get going on two-a-days. “Oh I’m like a kid right before Christmas!” Keller told The Gazette yesterday. He has been getting the cow pasture, er, I mean “practice field” ready. Keller says the team even has new equipment. “Dalvin, Booster Club Adof The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, rigged us up a blocking sled out of some fifty gallon barrels” Coach Keller said, “and Uncle Carl will be helping out the team again this summer as a tackling dummy.”

Coach Keller said all boys between the ages of 14 and 35 who plan on going to school sometime this year are eligible and invited to try out for the team.

Clemson baseball photo

(Above photo: Homer, of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, and the Tiger faithful, celebrate Clemson U. winning the Super Regional and earning berth onto College World Series) Photo from Greenville News/Bart Boatwright

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