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The Prater's Creek Gazette

10th Issue Summer 2006 Page #3

Irving O. Tarbox Editor


Prater's Creek MayorWe citizens of the United States of America must never take for granted the freedoms we have in this great country. This is a time of year, and history, for flag waving, and the staff of the Gazette is happy to wave “Old Glory”.

But the citizens of this country should never “put the cart before the horse” when trying to protect our freedoms. Let’s not let all of our civil liberties be taken away as we try to protect our great country from those persons who wish to take away our freedoms.

We here at the Gazette are proud to be part of the fourth element to help keep checks and balances on our leaders. But we are not going to enter into some bitter diatribe against this leader or that leader, or this group or that group. Nor or we going to argue over our phone records.

No dear readers. Today we want you to look around at all of the great things this country offers her citizens.

She might have her problems, but the good ol’ USA is the greatest country.

Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Love the new 'bout Don Knotts as the turkey mayor in Disney's “Chicken Little”? Was that his last role? the piece on the double albums. How 'bout Funkadelic – “America Eats It's Young”?.

Rob ‘Cecil’ Keller

P.S.,-long live buck!

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