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The Prater's Creek Gazette

10th Issue Summer 2006 Page #2



Dear Ramona Logo


Dear Ramona,

A few years back you wrote about summer safety. Could you rerun that letter?

Salmonella in Salem, SC

Dear Sal,

 Why sure! Here it is.

 Folks, there ain’t nothin’ that can ruin a picnic like getting food poisoning. Make sure you keep that potato salad and coleslaw in the ice chest right up until you are ready to serve it.  And try to keep items that need to stay cold in shallow containers so it will stay cool all the way through.

Make sure you keep your meat and poultry in double sealed bags and for goodness sakes keep the meat in separate coolers then you do your drinks.

And don’t let the drunkest fool be the grill man or woman!

Have a Happy Summer Y’all!


 Dear Ramona,

I know after every picnic this summer that my boys will be wanting to go swimming right after they eat. Can you tell them that they need to wait an hour after eating before going swimming?

Jean Campbell

Dear Jean,

That’s just an old wives’ tale honey! Now don’t let that pickled husband of yours go swimming after polishing off a jug.


Local Man's Death Ruled Murder

Sheriff StarThe wife of Farmer John Brown has been arrested by the Pickens County Sheriff Department for the murder of her husband. Farmer John‘s death was originally thought to be an accident. “Well, Mrs. Brown told us that he had been shoeing a mule and was kicked in the head by the animal” Sheriff Stone explained. “But on further investigation, we noticed that there was biscuit dough in the wound. Then we figured out that the wound was from a rolling pin”.

Town To Hold Annual July 4th Celebration

July 4th photoPrater’s Creek will be having a big town picnic to celebrate the birth of our nation. The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show will be providing the music, and there will be hot dog and watermelon eating contests. Mayor Allen Jones urges everybody “to get there early for the best place to spread out your blanket”. The mayor promised the biggest fireworks show ever. “Oh we are emptying out the town coffers for this celebration” Jones proudly stated. “We bought almost $52 worth of fireworks!” The mayor also added that Grandpa, of The Drovers Old Time Medicine Show, would “blow up a jug of ‘shine for the occasion. The first time he did it back in ’66, it was an accident. Grandpa quit smoking that night”.

Fireworks Safety

Fire Chief “Flint” McCalister wants everybody to have a safe Fourth of July. He reminds:Fire Cracker

1. Never give fireworks to young children.

2. Always have close adult supervision.

3. Even sparklers can be unsafe if used improperly.

Chief McCalister also had this to add: “If y’all ain’t done blowed yourself up, come on by the Fire Station on Aug. 3rd for our BBQ Chicken dinner. Plates are $5 for adults and $3 for children under twelve”. The Chief also wanted to remind everybody that his band, Flint and the Flattops, would be playing the dinner. The Fire Station is located on Stewart Gin Road.

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