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"Hatiola" Photo Gallery

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"Hatiola Hunt Club Gallery"

Every year, the first Saturday in November, we play down near Barnwell, SC around Elko at the Hatiola Hunt Club's "Cane Sgueezin'". The Club's cabin sits right  smack in the middle of an ocean of cotton fields. The property has been in Hunt Master Robert Turnbull's family since the mid-1700s. The elderly black gentleman is Morris Peeples who will turn 95 on his next birthday  and whose  grandfather  was a  slave on the cotton plantation. The place  was all destroyed, except for the cabin,  when Sherman marched  through the area. Mr. Peeples, who Turnbull says is like his second daddy, his "black daddy", returns "thanks" every year before the big meal.

Bottom Row From Left to Right: (All photos), Early in the morning at the hunt club, as the song on the latest CD goes- "When we first get there it's cold and gray", the day begins and the sun starts to burn off the morning fog.

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